I can help you to build website, set up any social media, payments on your

website or I can advice you on any technical part of your online presence!

Starting a new business is very exciting. You keep imagining how it’s going to look like, how you going to look like as a head of it. You can feel the freedom already. Oh yes, I know what I’m talking about. I had so many ideas, I even stop counting because I couldn’t keep up with it. After a while I started noticing a pattern. I love to think about a new idea and imaging how is it going to work, how is the logo going to look like, the website, the social media and all the visual stuff, what people see.

Even my wife had an idea about what she wants to do and she told me about it and of course my head was full of it. I started to talk about design, the colour schemes, how should Facebook and Instagram look like, how often she needs to post and take pictures. That she needs to interact with customers and that she needs to do this and that. When I looked at her she looked scared. How can she possibly do all that? I said don’t worry I’m here to help you. You do what you love about it and I do the rest, you know the technical stuff. Setting up Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal, Stripe, building a website, making payments possible, design adverts, design flyers, business cards, posters…

And I love doing all that for her, so my idea was I can do it for anybody!

So If you need help with your technical side of your business I’m here to help.

I’m currently working on my website, so if you need me just use the contact form and I’ll be in touch with you very soon.

My ongoing project is my wife’s website www.amandajesenska.com and everything under the hood.  And I’m currently working on www.giveroflightuk.com.